You are destroying nature
You don’t want to learn from your mistakes
Things have changed
They are no longer the same
Yet you are living for fame
You are scared to face reality
You don’t want to push your limits
Yes, we are no longer living in the past
We are not here on earth to last
Fake people must be deleted
Our time is limited
Life is tough, but you people, you don’t get it
What you’re doing is not lit
You’re always mistaken
Be strong like King Kong
You are always complaining about life
Why do you always see suicide as a solution?
You always want to reap from what you did, not work for
That’s not the best way of living life
You have to go hard to find a simple way of living life
I don’t know how it is gonna be like
You have to fight until the end
You have to go all the way until it’s done
You have to struggle until poverty is gone
You have to go all the way until you’re satisfied
Please don’t disappoint yourselves
Work hard; you’ll be proud
Don’t do it for the crowd
Don’t relax
Keep your head up 
Start doing and make it happen now
Start moving, and Don’t Ask me How