Dear God..
the world’s pleasure leaves me unfulfilled
my own pleasure remain a pain to the next
this is a strange place for me
Dear God..
the world’s norm feels upnormal to me
my own joy have no place for this world
where in my own world GOD,i dare ask you?
the sun rise i hate it with a passion
the sunsets always confuse my spirit
why am I here God ?
where are my upnormal mates?
I’ve checked from length to breath
I’ve lived from east to west God
unfortunately i can’t find them
which continent…are they ?!
if this is your only world,..i don’t need it
if it’s the only one you have,..then keep it
bcos ur world makes no sense to me
it always leaves me empty…and dry
i dare refuse to conform to this strange world
cos it keeps pushing me hard to a hardplace
so where is my world…GOD?!
this one speaks a strange foreign language
i didn’t mean to shout GOD
I didn’t mean to come out disrespectful
I’m just full of emotions and overwhelmed
cos your world GOD..give me nothing..but pain.