My big eyes are red.
My big eyes are teary.
my heart is trying to console my brain
But anyway it’s supposed to be the other way round…I say.

I sit still in the dark corner of my small room
Reminiscing about the way it felt when the sharp terrifying yet loving blade swoop through my arms and thighs
Leaving some unforgettable scars.

I’ve come to know nothing else but it’s comfort. Friends are gone, family…I don’t know, crazy I guess.

I cry with laughter from all the memories of the caring blade I’ve come to make.
But at the back of my head is a thought of the caring and friendly companion that has always been with me.

Through thick and thin, winter and summer and even through those unbearable nights Daddy would come into my room and ‘play’ with me for hours while Aunt just listened, listened and listened to my cries and didn’t say anything.

And that companion is a razor blade.