One thing I promised myself
In this lifetime is definitely to always be different from 80% of peopl
Around me

Now currently 80%of youth goals involves a lot of drugs ,alcohol,madly memes
And partying
Transparencies with this is that
It always end in tears
Of poverty
If not tears of regrets
To win this game
Of life is probably to drift away from what the majority be doing
Read books
Watch motivationale videos
Have goals
Plan for the future
Worrying about my dreams not about parties
You’ll always have time
Until you realise that u never had time
My life planis very simple
Is surely to make sure that the plan is different from the life plan of some around
24/7 I live this way
365 days I survive this way
Whether its a sunny day
Or rainy one I remain me nothing more
I don’t think I Will change from womb to the coffin
Against all odds in my life
I breath black legacies
Against all odds in my life Breath black entrepreneurs
I breath black excellence
Remembering that nothing comes easy in life
Except failure and poverty
I keep crawling I know oneday I will thank myself
I Mmabotse de poetess I took it out all of me