Yes your time has come
You’ll be embraced by this very earth that brings birth to mankind
Yes you were gunned down
We also knew your immune system was bound to fade
Yet hope and faith is our only precious possession
Let us walk this emotional path once more
For we shall never forget those who have fallen
We shall embrace those who still struggle for their last breath
We will wipe tears from those who cry
We will never lose hope
Who am I to utter words of wisdom to your family
Who am I to hide the pain and anger boiling within me
The sound of your departure has been heard a thousand fold
Let me hold my breath
Cause tears start to unfold
Making many hearts to lose their beat
Even elder friends of yours she’d a year or two
As you lie there waiting for angels to call your name
I always knew our departure will never be the same
And with salty tears
The struggle continues