I just knew on the spot of discovering that I am going to study further, I am going to make my dream a reality and break the chains of poverty that embraced my family for generations,that I had to forgive him.

Justice is always justified, it gives the victim a form of freedom and a sense of healing,my case was different,I too,am a victim of sexual assault,an assault by a father to a girl,I think that’s what broke me the most,that my perpetrator did to me the most disgusting while he has a daughter, didn’t he think that one day his daughter will also be victimised as much as he does to young girls?as much as he did to me when I was only 16,he was in his early 30s for crying out loud and I was the purest and most innocent of a child.

After his arrest, my heart was not at ease,I did not feel any form of freedom and I could see him everywhere,what is the point of having him behind bars if my mind is also imprisoned,i had to relive the moment that broke me above everything again and again,I had to retell the reality that took my purity,and all that just broke me even more. To admit of being victimised doesn’t come easy,I know, I know I had all the support I could ever ask for in the entire world and yes he was beginning to get the punishment that he deserves but within me,I carried tons of stones,they burdened my heart .

I wanted freedom just as much as every victim who finally got the justice they yearned for years,I wanted to rest my heart and carry on with my life,and for my freedom,for my life, I had to learn TO FORGIVE A PERPETRATOR, without anyone’s influence. I had to make the most difficult of decisions,and that is : to let him free.