I Never thought that our love could turn out this way but hey here we are from being lovers to being strangers, been asking myself what went wrong we were so happy and madly in love I’ve been asking myself all kinds of questions what I did do wrong when we promised each other that we will never leave each other’s sights no matter how things can be bad between us, why did you decide to leave me when you promised not to leave me? Did you really have to leave because things had been hard for us?

I admit that we had our differences but the fact remains that I love you. Yes, I know that I’ve hurt you before and I’ve for forgiveness and you did say that you forgave me, I promised you that I will never hurt you ever again but then it seems like I had to work very hard to regain the trust I’ve lost in you but I’ve been trying all my best to show that I never intended of breaking your heart It was never my intention to break the connection we had I tried, by all means, to actually make you happy but it seems like I’ve failed to do that.