As I think back over my life so far, it is difficult for me to find any achievement I am most grateful for. I picked up the time when I received a scholarship. I consider it my greatest achievement. There was no way I would take this opportunity for granted since I felt like it was the best thing in my life and the thing I always fought for. 

My first reaction was fear since I had to do an interview explaining why I should receive this opportunity, and my biggest fear was speaking in English because I only spoke English when it was English period in my primary school. Although my interview turned out very well because I kept telling myself I could do it then came the worst part, I had to take a Math and English test. When I thought about a challenge in my life, it sounded like I was going to die. But there were some words that kept popping into my head. Don’t doubt it, you can do it. 

Yes! It was a challenging test, but I passed it which meant I was awarded the scholarship. I was about to learn online which made me happier since there would be no teacher walking around wanting the homework. Achievement is a big thing in life. When you achieve something, just be grateful for the amazing work you’ve done to achieve that. I believe I will also have the same kind of achievement when I apply to university 🎓, which is fantastic. 

This accomplishment taught me that in life, you can accomplish anything if you believe in yourself.