Then I was in the dark screaming for help but no one answered I was so scared I wanted to cry kidding my name is Harley I live in taxes am new here I literally don’t know anyone but today is my first day at school I hope I make new friends even though I miss my crazy cute friends but looking forward harley!!. get Your ass downstairs it time to go to school ok am coming.. I hate it when mom gets drunk she swears a lot but dad I fetching me after school I have to remind him that my birthday is around the corner. I wonder if he is still fβ€’β€’β€’ing his assistant. HARLEY!!!.. Argh am coming (walking down the stairs) “Come we are already late let go” (getting into the car) we arrived at school, wow seeing new faces made me scared of making friends I got out of the car then i said goodbye to my parents they drove off the kids were looking at me in an odd way but I went in then I bumped into a stuck up ass bitch she was the “Queen Bee” hi my name is Sam and this are my to besties hi sam and her two besties my name is Harley the harley quin yes is they something wrong.? No “Rrrrr” the bell just rang we need to get to class ok