I still remember the day I received my matric results. That was the happiest day of my life. Everyone was happy for me when I passed my matric with a Bachelor’s degree with five distinctions. Everyone was surprised because no one believed in me because I was just a poor little thing who was always alone at school. Even the teachers were surprised about my performance; they never expected such a performance from a poor kid like me.

Weeks passed, and no one cared about taking me to school to further my studies. Even my high school teachers didn’t care about me because I was just a poor thing who didn’t deserve anything better. My mother, too, was never supportive, and she kept telling me that I would never go to Tertiary because I am from a low-income family, and I have to admit that. I didn’t realise that I grew up in a disadvantaged family and was raised by a single parent. The only way I could change my background was by going to school, but all that I had been planning just fell apart.

The local Municipality were giving out Bursaries to learners who performed well in their final exams in their schools. Bursaries for the Top achievers were distributed, but I was never called to receive my own. My teachers didn’t care about me and ended up switching the Bursary to another learner whom they liked a lot because of his rich parents. I was very heartbroken when I heard the rumours that all top achievers were given bursaries except me. I kept asking myself what have I done wrong on earth that I deserved this.

I went through a lot of depression, and my mother and my evil sister were adding more stress to me. They keep on creating terrible stories about me so that people will hate me. Everybody rejected me; everyone hated me and thought I was a bad person. The worst thing they said to me was that I would never go to University and would never be successful. They tried to discourage me from my dream of becoming a lawyer, telling me that I could not be a lawyer while I was from a low-income family. I never took that in mind because I believed that I might be born poor but my destination will never be poor.

I never lost interest in my dream because I had a vision in mind of becoming a professional lawyer one day, so I applied to one of the best Universities in S.A and got accepted to do LLB at North-West University. I couldn’t believe what I saw with my eyes when I received an email from NWU telling me that I had been accepted to study Law in 2024. That was the happiest day I have ever had in my life. After all the sorrows I’ve had in my life, God just wiped my tears and gave me joy. I always wished to do Law, and I believed that one day I would be a lawyer. That day, I believed that There is power in what you declare upon your life.