We’re labelled as fake because we couldn’t stop the rain from pouring on their sunny days. Or because we failed to be there when they needed us the most while they also failed to let us know that we were needed. Instead, they keep their mouth shut as if we can predict the future. We are labelled as fake because we couldn’t keep up with their standard because we have families to support.
  • We are isolated because yall too busy for us. We’re labelled as fake because we couldn’t help them when they were broke. When they wanted us to run with the phase that is not okay. We are only seen as reals when we tell them things that are bothering us. And later use them as weapons against us. We stopped the communication because y’all made it clear that true love goes hand in hand with material things and entertainment that cost our loved ones peace.
  • It’s about time we stop expecting some people to be always there for us. Some stages in our lives require us to have certain people. Not just anybody. We can never be there for y’all at all times. Get more than one friend and you’ll see that I am not lacking anywhere. I am a person that you need here and there, that’s it, not always. You can label me as fake many times you like, but that doesn’t define me.