It had rained all night long, one could have thought Ashy was in the rainforests. The previous day had been so illuminating, with the sun blazing from the North shore of the Ocean Skylar. The green vegetation, moved side to the side swiftly. Alexander had been ill for some time now, nobody knew for certain, it was speculative. Alexander had worked in a mine, as the assembling manager for twenty years, and had managed to acquire himself a wife, Vongai, a dark, beautiful lady with glowing eyes.

It had happened that, Alexander returned back home one late afternoon, but you could notice the difference in the way he walked, he seemed slumber and weak. Simultaneously Vongai ran towards Alexander, “Are you alright?”
“Of course, I had a few drinks with the boys that’s all, worry not,” Vongai helped her husband into the house and spear-headed the preparations for supper, she could not stop staring at her husband. She noticed something unusual, the eyes, there was something wrong with the eyes, they looked pale red, his eyes could not hide the agony even if his lips could.

” So since when do you have red eyes after a few drinks babe?” Alexander raised by the guilty conscience decided to break the silence secret, “babe, you are a forensic officer, I had an accident at work and it went to…to my heart, I have limited time now to..”

Tears drops ran do n Vongai’s cheek, a cold shiver sent down her spine, what would happen in the few months to come?…