Theme of the month: the spirit of truth. John14:16
Topic: who is the holy Spirit (part3).

1) He is our best wisher.

        And I will pray the Father

        and he will give you

        another counsellor, to be

        with you forever.
Now through that scripture we can see the love of the father (God) and the son(Messiah [Christ]). In KJV the word counsellor is comforter, and whosoever comfort a man wishes the man good things. And the holy Spirit is our comforter and wish the best for us. I remember a time, this year, my sister gave me spices to grind with my hands but the holy Spirit led me to a place where I will grind it for free three or two days later, we had no money to buy any spices but we could buy something swallow like fufu but glory be to God the spices that remain serve as the spice for the fufu.
2)He is the giver:
Acts2:17-21. He gives you rest of mind and gives you guidance in this end times and gives you power.

3) He is the manifested spirit of God (that why his called the holyspirit):

Act2:17-21. In Act2:17 said it clear to us β€œi will pour out MY SPIRIT upon all flesh. So he is the manifested Spirit of God.
                   God bless you.
           Beware of false apostles.