Time is one of the most important aspect part of our daily lives. It foremost control our lives even without our conscience. Time is a necessity to navigate how are we going to spend and live our lives.

Sadly we live in a Dystopian new world where we have people coming in our respective lives with their agendas of stealing our time. We as human beings we have fallen pray to the delusional fallacy the world has sold us where everyday we waste drip drip of our precious time with mirage pleasures that leave you feeling even more empty afterwards.

I’m here to tell you that you’re not supposed to live that life of wasting time. Time is the most important asset on our Blue Earth. Everything can be taken away from a man all material possessions, money and houses but only his last force of nature which is s time will still be alive.

Start making the best use of your time because it is a matter of Birth and Death. Don’t wiggle around wasting time because you not gonna regain it back. Use time at your disposal to make those Dreams since you were a child come true. I know that keeness of fire in your belly is still there looking at your direction to do what is necessary with your time and yet you’re not even listening to your heart.

Time is moving on the other side of the spectrum everyday without your acknowledgement. Time evaporates like clump of dust in the desert. Days turn into weeks and weeks into months then you’re older. Life Is not short, life is a long journey it’s just that we are wasting too much time. Whether you realize it or not you’re always choosing, choosing what? Choosing to kill your time or make the best use it, nurture in into a fine powder of improving your life.  

We never consider how we are wasting the value of time mindlessly. We as a culture we avoid what we need to hear the most,the truth is that we waste too much time and binge this one thing into some of the dumbest stuff that is unnecessary and consequently we have the nerve to complain that we have no time. Really? They are worse thieves in this day and age than those ones in prison, some of them are Television and Social Media which are stealing your mo Rdst precious thing on earth. Think about this if thieves break into your house and steal some few expensive items, you may get a liittle angry, grumpy and frustrated right? You’ll go and arrest them why? Because they stole your items and you will demand them back or go and buy the new nice ones. But what about this other thieves here stealing the most precious possession on earth which is your time and you’re not going to do anything about them? And you’re’ never going to regain your time back. Of course you can have your items back at your door in the next morning but not your time even a second.

The worst feeling that one must consider in visualisation is that one of waking up one day and realize that you’ve wasted half of your life. Don’t wake up into reality when you’ve come nearly to the end of your time. It is the worst feeling ever.

Of course the world is kinda upside down during this Era, we have to live amongst distractions and noise. The best thing one can do to navigate what you want to do with your time is lowering what you pay your attention to, forget fistractions. Your attention determines the quality of your thoughts and actions. You become what you pay your attention to. Invest your time in doing those things that sparks light in your life. Spend your time doing things that are in harmony with your values. interests. Purpose which is highly important. You have the ultimate power to decide how you want to spend your time, say no to distractions and gossips. And yes to your creative energy harvesting activities. 

Seek the ultimate power of doing what is necessary with your time in life. Mastering your specific domain needs time, hardwork and patience. Respect the life force of time in your life, choose to do what is necessary with your time which will expand your life and the lives of others.

What are some of the most important tasks you tackle daily and take control of your time?