Sometimes I wonder how does it feel to be free? I’ll be looking at the birds flying high in the sky and wonder what does that feel like?

I just want to be free from all the negativity in my mind. Because everyday is the same for me. Fighting my thoughts and wondering a lot. I want to walk freely in a crowd without my legs shaking and wondering what people say about me. I want to be able to talk without stuttering.

Anxiety makes my life difficult. Most nights I’m unable to sleep, Always thinking about past mistakes and over thinking why is so hard to be me. I want to be able to chop onions without thinking about stabbing myself. I want to chill under the tree and enjoy the breeze without looking for the strongest branch to put the rope on.

Anxiety turned it’s battle into a war. I will loose but I won’t back down without a fight. I just want to be free! I want to attend parties without sitting down being quiet in the corner then assume I’m being weird. I want to put the quote “live a little” into a good use, I want to be happy and dance without thinking something bad might happen.

I just want freedom from my own thoughts, I’m tired of doing nothing and still become bored. I want to wake up and be ready for the day. But with anxiety and paranoia it seems like seo se kase kgonege.