If you’ve ever heard of the word GENDER REVEAL you will probably understand what I mean by sexuality reveal. When parents get to know their unborn baby’s gender they become happy even if they were expecting a different gender and decide to do a gender reveal party.

During gender reveal party they let their friends and family know their unborn baby’s gender. Well sexuality reveal is different from gender reveal especially if you are a member of LGBTQ . Here is where you let everyone know that you are different and where your family , friends and even the whole society change the way they treat and think of you. Feelings are different from those of gender reveal because many people especially our parents become shocked, sad and angry.

During this time we become exposed to lot of violence, we are treated different, called by name, molested and even killed. That’s why some commit suicide if the communities in which they live refuse to accept them. The only support you get is from those who understands that being a member of LGBTQ is not a sin and also those who are a member of LGBTQ.

Some people think that you are confused or you’ve got demons but none of that is true. Many people who don’t understand this LGBTQ community thing are illiterate that’s why I think people should be educated about these things so that they’ll stop making it hard for other young LGBTQ members to come out of the closet because of being scared to be judged or said to be fake (unreal) .

If everyone can stop judging,being mean,cruel and inhumane the world can be a safe place for everyone. No one should be afraid of revealing their sexuality. If being gay is a sin , the Bible says we’re all sinners before God so everyone should mind their own sins.