The night was cold and dark, shadows lurking around the kitchen in martin’s house. Only his lamp warded off the darkness advances. Martin let out a shaky breath. He lay sprawled on the kitchen floor. He didn’t want to get up. He never wanted to have to get back up again.

His mind raced, all he could think about was how utterly terrible and useless he was. He did nothing but annoy his friends who did nothing but insult and hit him. He was trapped in an abusive friendship with a boy he now felt he could never escape from. The boy had warped and twisted his mind to be like this. Deep down he knew that, but he was too far gone to think about it now. The thoughts just kept going. He was a loser; no girl would ever want to date him. His parents were nothing but disappointed. Nobody cared for him. Not even himself.

The lamp began to flicker, as if clinging to life as it desperately thought to fend off the darkness. He was soon come over by a new motivation. He stood slowly and opened the kitchen drawer. Inside he found the answer he had been searching for, a large chef’s knife. He took it gently from the drawer and closed it.

A twinge of fear rushed over him. He simply shook it off and he turned the knife on himself. “This is for the best” he thought “nobody will even notice I’m gone. I’ll just disappear and nobody will care”. He took a deep breath, holding the knife firmly with both hands. The lamp flickered out.

Darkness enveloped the room as martin plunged the knife into his chest. He felt a spike of pain as he fell backwards, hitting his head on the way down. His crimson blood splattered on his kitchen floor. The blood stood boldly against the white tile floor. His chest felt like it was on fire as he lay there in a daze. He slowly reached across the floor and reached for the knife again. Brandishing it weakly in his hand, he plunged it into his stomach. Another sharp pain graced his body as he dropped the knife. It’s shiny lustier now tarnished in a coating of blood.

He could feel his life draining quickly out of his torso. He began to feel lightheaded as he started into the black abyss of his kitchen. A smile crossed his face for the first time in years as he slowly closed his eyes. Never again to open them.