The relationship is hard work, a lifetime job, or a career disaster.

When you are in a relationship, it is like a commitment, with no escape from it. “Well, nowadays it is, I guess”. You can agree with my opinion if you have been in a relationship.

It begins with good moments as if it’s a long-term thing. You’d feel like, “You know I’m complete when I’m with my partner.” There will be no worries at that moment—everything you experience at that time is exciting. Every day is a beautiful time. But you know everything was not meant to last forever. In every good situation, expect disappointment and learn how to deal with it before it worsens.

Anyway, we all want to build a relationship with someone special. But is there anyone special out there, or is this thing just nothing but a twisted mind trick? Why do we need a connection whereby you can find happiness within yourself? Why do you need to be in a relationship?

I wish I could know the answer, but surely someone can help me.

Someone tried to explain it to me, but I’m still in the dark. I never saw or experienced what I was told, so I need help understanding the relationship situation. This was his advice to me.

“If the Guy FeeIs like, I Would LOVE TO TAKE CARE of her, For The rest Of my life. Whatever I could do for her”. That’s feeling like a Man in response to a woman. When she feels I trust this guy, I’ll follow and support him right behind me no matter what he wants. THAT FEELS LIKE A RELATIONSHIP”.

The other way around could be better. In the relationship, at least to her, the man has to be THE GIVER, THE PROVIDER, the Rock of Gibraltar. And she needs to be completely trusting of him. Otherwise, she cannot be his. So, to become relationship partners Means, you both need to be ultimate. Otherwise, you’d be holding back; you hold back a little; it feels uncomfortable and unnatural. You have to be constantly conscious of protecting yourself. IT IS A MESS.

That’s what it sounded like a challenging job for a man. Why does it have to be only him making efforts in a relationship? What about a woman? What is her role in this Relationship?..