We started things in a very great way, we used to be together all the time, we were inseparable. The great picture of love is perfect, but things happened along the way, things I never thought will happen to us. Our great chemistry came crumbling and crushed down. Our trust for each other was destroyed, how can I ever trust you again? But deep down I was hurt more than anything. I thought our love will conquer everything but I was wrong. We tried to go our separate ways but it was difficult. Every time I let you back into my life, It was another chance for you to strike and hurt me. I can’t do this anymore… every time I try to forget you. You come back to me as if you are serious then you leave me heartbroken again…why? Is the devil using you to bring me down, to destroy the little happiness I have got? Are you really that selfish, you don’t want to see me being free and happy? Did you dedicate your life to crushing the little courage I have gathered?

When we are not together, we miss each other so much. But when we are together, our relationship is toxic…who are we exactly fooling?

Because if you really love someone, you will never do things that will hurt them. What happened to you? I trusted you so much with life and happiness. I guess I was a fool, a fool that didn’t love herself first. Because of all that you have done, you did it because you saw that I lack self-love. Now I thank you for making me realise that, most of all I realised that you really don’t deserve me. For me to be loved, I have to love myself first. I don’t have to allow each and every bad situation to define me. I don’t need someone who comes and go in my life as they please. I rather stay single than be taken for granted and used. Life is a race, I have to run my own race, in my own way, not somebody’s ways…

Is it hard to tell someone that you don’t love them anymore? You wasted my time really. Maybe not, rather I wasted my own time with you. Because I ignored every sign and act that you are playing me. Each and every time I was hoping that you will change and you will see how much I value our relationship, but that day never came. Anyway, I don’t blame you, it was your chance and you used it. I don’t blame myself either maybe it was meant to happen. You just left without any explanation. You left me bitter, angry and heartbroken. But I am healing slowly and in no time I will be my best self. I just wish you all the best of luck, mostly all I wish for you is LOVE AND HAPPINESS