Depression is a persistent feeling of hopelessness and sadness. Depression drains your energy and breaks your spirit. A vulture that makes u its prey. Like gravity it holds you to its darkness. Yes, life will never be easy. In fact we will stumble across depressing situations that will test our will of survival and many more.

It was a beautiful morning and nature had never had such beauty to behold, the waters seemed so pure and everything so innocent.

A girl with hope (which is me) was walking down the streets. She had men purring and whistling at her. She couldn’t control her tears as she was reminded of what one man did to her. She got home and took off her clothes, ran a bath and soaked herself in the water with tears running down from her eyes down to my cheeks.

She felt hopeless. A number of times she had wanted to commit suicide and a number of times she had attempted to commit suicide but she thought about the hope in my mother’s eyes and the love she gave her.

She had to put my mother first. But here she was again putting her first not to mention Koko and Sesi.

“Morning darling…. Happy birthday sweetie,” her mom woke me up… Every birthday has always been a great one and this year she was certain it would be the best only to find out that is not what the universe has in store.

She woke up with a real smile and hugged my mother..later that day she felt her left limbs becoming numb and within a blink of an eye she became paralyzed. Yes, she was rushed to the hospital and stayed there 2 months – 1 month in Netcare and the other Mediclinic.

The rest is history. The thought of not having a father figure in her life used to hurt her as she used to get constant breakdowns because of this missing void.

As we face difficult situations each day (it might be anxiety, depression, cardiomegaly etc) I need you to put on the armour of God and remind yourself that the God that we serve is a promise keeping God. He is a merciful God and a loving God. And declare happiness and effective prayer results. For remember that tongue is the most powerful weapon. It has the power to either build or destroy and you want to build your life on a good foundation. The foundation of this is prayer. The first thing that we need to know is prayer and remember your attitude determines your altitude.

Let me break it down for you. Your attitude determines how far you go, what position you like in life, and how you far you’ll go. If you put on a negative attitude obviously the results will be negative. This means that your attitude determines your success. Sometimes it might not be effective that positive attitude but remember for the Bible will tell us but as for you be strong and do not give up for your work will be rewarded.

Oprah Winfrey once said the discovery of all time is a person that can really change their attitude. I could go on the whole day but let me answer yes you cannot change the direction of the wind but you can change the direction of the sails to reach your destination. Meaning we know what we must do to reach our destinations. We must put on a positive attitude. Even if you think of suicide just the mere thought of suicide, get down on your knees. It’s better your knees get bruises and your voice become squeaky.

For remember suicide doesn’t just end the pain it creates a loophole for the devil to come into the people who have been left behind. They become depressed. They also think of suicide. They blame themselves they don’t know what to do it does not remove the pain but creates another pain to the person whom you are close to or the person whom you held dearly to their heart.

Difficult as it may be let us stay strong know I have stayed strong so can you. Your situation needs may be different but the God that we serve is with the same and God will never give you a situation whereby the burden that he has given you is not greater than you can bear. He knows what burdens you can carry. He says come to me for my yoke is light. Thank you.