Once upon a time, there was a man named Floyd. He was a fisherman who used to fish at night. He was used to being alone because his wife died a few years ago. He lived in a farmhouse in the Northwest. Floyd never found someone else after his wife died. He was not ready to face reality.
Floyd loved his wife to the extent that he thought there was no one else who would replace her. Floyd was miserable after his wife died. One day when he was fishing in the middle of the night. He saw a light coming from the East direction of his area. He was a bit scared because he was the only one living there. He thought he was under attack. He did not waste time; he took his gun and went towards the east direction. When he got there. He saw a woman tied. Her name was Emily. When he realised what was happening, he told himself that he did not want to get involved in crime-related things. Floyd returned to his farmhouse and tried to avoid drama as much as possible.
Emily had already lost hope because the police could not find her for three weeks. The two guys were planning to kill her because she saw them killing another person, so they had to get rid of the witness. Floyd gave it deep thought and came to his senses to help Emily. He got back to the girl and confirmed a number of the kidnappers. One of the guys saw a shadow of Floyd, but luckily, he could hide fast. The girl immediately shouted. The two guys knew someone was out there, so they began to search around the area. They saw Floyd’s house, and one of them went to the house to draw Floyd’s attention, while the other one stayed with Emily. Floyd got out of the bush and pointed his gun at the kidnapper. He immediately got shot in his left leg. He was shot by the guy who went to his house.
The two kidnappers took Emily into the car and left the area as soon as possible. Floyd, with a bleeding leg, went to his house and tied his leg. He took his car keys and went after the kidnappers. He hit the road and followed the kidnappers. When they noticed him, the girl screamed for help. Floyd became unconscious at that time. They drove into the forest, thinking Floyd would get lost. The kidnappers injected the girl so that she stops screaming and become weak. Floyd called his old friend as they were approaching one of the hidden places which Floyd knows a lot about. Floyd called his friend James. James immediately answered and they talked and understood each other. James started his car and hit the road. When he saw Floyds, car passing by Roderic street, he immediately followed them without the kidnappers noticing.
Floyd stopped and got into his friends’ car. Left his own car at the gate of the nearest tuck shop. James drove the car and followed the kidnapper’s car. They called for an extra couple of hands but no luck because it was midnight. The kidnappers ran out of fuel and eventually stopped in a hidden spot. James told Floyd to get of the car and he will distract the kidnappers. Floyd sneaked into the bush and his friend passed the kidnappers to make them think they lost them. James packed his car after a few minutes of driving. Floyd took his gun out, but it was too late they already to notice him. They took his gun and his cell phone and kidnapped him as well. The kidnappers do not want spill more blood, but they had no choice. James went back to Floyd, but he was late. They had already left the area. When he called Floyd, the call went straight to voice mail.
James now called the police. The kidnappers went book a room next to a tavern. Kidnappers went into the tavern and got a few beers. Floyd had a little conversation with Emily, and she told Floyd that she just wants to die and stop suffering. Floyd felt pain in his heart, he made a promise to himself not to let Emily down. Floyd thought of an idea to untie Emily with his teeth. The plan worked well, and she untied Floyd. They went outside carefully and escaped. The kidnappers were a little bit drunk. Emily helped Floyd to walk, and they went to James’s house. Luckily, Emily was a doctor. She helped Floyd with the wound before going to the nearest hospital. Floyd lost too much blood and he was weak. Emily thanked Floyd and his friend and told them the good news that the kidnappers are behind bars.
Emily checked Floyd regularly and brought him some fruits since Floyd did what the police could not do. Emily was also single, and they got to know each other a little bit. He got discharged after 5 days and Emily was there for him. Emily took Floyd to his house and left him. A week later, she visited Floyd and went for dinner with him. It turns out that they have a lot in common and understand each other. They had a great night such that both did not want to go home because they would get separated and they would get bored. Instead, Floyd asked her to sleep over at his house. Emily did not have many things to do so she agreed. Tomorrow morning James came to check his friend Floyd. They were still sleeping at that time. James woke Floyd up and called him to the kitchen and asked Floyd what was happening.
Floyd told James how he felt about Emily. Emily was eavesdropping on their conversation. James was happy for his friend and congratulated him and left the house. When Floyd got back to the bedroom, Emily also confessed how she feels about Floyd. They started to get to know each other. A few weeks after, Emily migrated to Floyd’s house. They both preferred to live a peaceful life where there is no drama. They also fished together in the middle of the night. Floyd was a happy man thereafter. They had twins after 6 years. They lived happily ever after. The end.