Hey Kings and Queens, I’ve had a question that has been bugging me for a while now. I think I solved it, well I had a little help. So we make a decision every day, whether a big or a small one. In this case, I think it’s a big decision.

Which one would you choose? Would you choose to follow your heart or use your mind? You see, both of these things are extremely important. Let me explain.

If you are afraid of being heart, and you use your mind instead of following your heart. That’s not ok; it’s not healthy at all. If you don’t listen to your heart, what’s the point of living? What I mean is that emotions are important. If you don’t listen to your heart, well you’d be having a life that you’re not living. If you don’t listen to your heart, you might as well be dead. For example: A boy named Loyiso was afraid of being hurt by a girl again. Then he met Mary. Mary was the perfect girl for her. When Mary told him she was interested in him, he refused. Obviously, Mary was hurt. Loyiso thought hard about it and realised that he loved Mary. The next day he looked for Mary, and unfortunately, Mary had moved away because he had broken her hurt.

What am I saying? Am I saying if you don’t listen to your heart than you should kill yourself, NO that is absolutely not what I’m saying. Let’s see the other side of the story.

Listening to your hear, if you are led by your heart you are in big danger. You see, not using your head and listening to your heart is a risky move. It might lead you to danger for example: A girl named Liyema was listing to her heart and wasn’t using her mind. She met a boy, the boy abused her but she stayed in the relationship saying the boy will change. But she died, killed by her very own boyfriend.

It’s very dangerous to be led by your heart only. It’s like walking at the end of a cliff blind folded. So what would you do, which decision would you take?

That’s the question that’s been bugging me. The solution is very simple. You just simply choose both listen to your heart and brain. Your heart will be in control of living life, loving and caring. The brain will be in charge of making right decisions and choosing who to trust.