I’ve been contemplating writing my own book for over a decade now, yes I’m that old. I began writing dialogues and short stories when I was only eleven years old and I’ve never looked back ever since. But I don’t understand if I’ve lost passion for writing or if it’s just lack of motivation. Yes, I love writing and at one point I considered studying journalism but decided otherwise later on. In my matric year, I was sure I was going to either study journalism or film studies but the love for numbers ultimately won. I’m an Internal Auditor and Financial Accounting professional by the way and I have a couple of personal blogs that need some work and my attention but laziness and writer’s block have taken over my life, what a sad story. Well as much as I love writing, I haven’t been actively writing for years but I’m glad I found Fundza and because of it I’m finding my way back to my passion once again and I’m learning insightful knowledge about writing and stuff. It was during hard lockdown when I discovered Fundza and it has been my home ever since. Now that I’m finding my passion again, I’m still working on making time to juggle between numbers and writing. Few more Fundza lessons, then I’ll be ready to start my long-overdue book thank you my Fundza.