Nobukhosi was a beautiful, young, chubby girl, who lived with her mother and stepfather or rather “mkhulu” as what she called him. Her stepfather was a mean old man who was abusive and grumpy.

Nobukhosi was only in grade 2 when she moved in with them, and that’s when her life changed.

“Ohh usufikile cc” said mkhulu.

“Yes, I’ve arrived and my trip was amazing” she replied.

They welcomed her with warm hands. The place was so beautiful, the house had everything it showed that the owner had money. As days went by her mom took her to a new school she was about to attend.

“Are you ready to go to your new school my baby?” asked her mother.

“Yes mama iI can’t wait” she replied with a lot of excitement in her face.

She got used to the new school, the kids and teachers loved her a lot plus she was really smart. On Wednesday she got home and noticed that her mom had a bruise on her eye.

“What happened mama”? asked Nobukhosi.

“I got hit by a window when I was cleaning, my baby. Don’t worry. Tell me about your day,” replied her mom.

Nobukhosi was really worried about her mother, and the bruise.

As days went by Nobukhosi saw something that disturbed her and her mentality.

“Aaaaaibo!! uyanglimaza,musa ukungshaya!! uyanglimaza khuluma kahle nami,” screamed Nobukhosi’s mother.

She heard noises of someone falling down and crying coming from the kitchen. Then she decided to enter, there she found her mom lying on the floor with blood coming out of her head and mouth, then she saw the so-called Mkhulu pressing isagila against her mother’s neck and his knee on top of it.

She just stood there in shock, it was her first time seeing or hearing her mother cry. She then rushed out and went to a place where goats slept, she was so confused and emotional, at first she thought he was killing her but then she thought maybe her mom did something wrong and that’s why he is beating her because she also beats her when she has done something wrong.