My name is Christina Sanz. I was always a pessimistic girl and I believed that God hated me because I always had bad luck. That was until I met an angel called Vanessa; she had a really good personality, everyone loved her. I started talking to her and everything, she was breathtaking and she was a good advisor. The best thing about her was that she knew how to speak my home language, which is Portuguese.

I kept praising her every day; my life changed completely after meeting her. I even introduced her to my mom. We had a good friendship. But one of my friends, Chantel, never loved her so she kept warning me about Vanessa, but I never listened to her.

Until one day Vanessa came with muffins for me. After eating them I just fainted and I was surprised to find myself at the hospital. After remembering what happened I confronted Vanessa and I ended our friendship without hearing her side of the story. Chantel was very happy that we were no longer friends.

I was very lonely without Vanessa, and Chantel saw how depressed I was, so she decided to tell me the truth. She told me that she had poisoned me and not Vanessa. I was angry after hearing that from her, but we went to Vanessa and apologised for our bad behaviour and she forgave us. Even if I have forgiven Chantel, I don’t trust her until this day.


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