In the music scene, artists usually have their squad—family, friends, and trusted allies who cheer them on. But Evans Muzik, also known as RAS, took a different route. He handed the reins of his career over to his critics, his haters.

Yes, you read that right—Evans Muzik, managed by his haters! Crazy, huh? Let’s dive into how RAS made this bold move and what came of it.

Once upon a time, Evans shared his tunes on a WhatsApp group. But in that group were three folks who always had a bone to pick with his music, even before its release.

Evans recalls, “These guys were relentless with their criticism, even before anyone else heard my music. They were my true haters.”

Instead of brushing them off, Evans had a lightbulb moment. He decided to bring these haters into his inner circle, seeing them as his secret weapons to spot flaws before anyone else did.

And guess what? It paid off big time for his career. By taking their honest feedback to heart, Evans polished his music to perfection.

“In music, honest feedback is gold. Surrounding yourself with praise team won’t push you to grow,” Evans emphasizes.

He also learned to distinguish between helpful criticism and plain old meanness. Evans encourages fellow artists to view criticism as a chance to level up, not just as negativity.

“Remember, not every critique is meant to tear you down. Use it as fuel to refine your craft,” Evans advises.

Now, fans are buzzing with excitement to see what Evans has up his sleeve next. Fresh off the success of his “Lessons” album in 2022, he’s cooking up new beats to drop soon.

In a world where praise flows freely but genuine feedback is rare, Evans Muzik teaches us the value of listening to our critics. By turning his haters into allies, he’s flipping the script on music management, proving that sometimes, the path to success is paved with challenges.