Folks, I’m so angry today. I’m fuming!

I am at an unprecedented stage in my life. I completed my degree in November and I’m excitedly awaiting my graduation ceremony. I enjoy this time in my life because while job hunting, I have so much time on my hands to do the things that I love and always wished I could squeeze into my busy academic schedule. I attend church as often as I like, I read more books and binge watch my favorite telenovelas (when loadshedding allows, of course)

Much to my horror and annoyance, my neighbours have embarked on a daily task of asking me why I’m now frequent at my own home some even ask me if I’ve dropped out or not. It’s funny how it doesn’t occur to even one of them that maybe, just maybe I’m done with my studies. But I wouldn’t expect their little, futile brains to figure that out.

I just had a situation with a lady I’m not well acquainted with. She overtly asked me, ” Oh senibuyile? Anisafundi?” I caught off guard and puzzled. As a result, I feel like my answer to her was not harsh enough because how dare she! But I know I’ll get the chance to give her uneducated, unemployed self a piece of mind because she’ll definitely step on my toes again. Not only are these questions an invasion to my privacy, they are pure gossip. I do not owe my neighbours an explanation about my life. Oh God, I can imagine going around telling every nosy person that ” Oh no, I’ve actually completed my degree in record time and I’m job hunting now. I beg you, please don’t assume that I’ve dropped out of University. My life is still on track” Never!

I do not stick my nose in anyone else’s business but it’s a shame that people don’t grant me the same courtesy. I’ve realised that the period between the completion of studies and graduation ceremony is uncomfortable for me thanks to my nosy neighbours who are always up in my business. I do not judge them on the choices they make, especially Mamokete* the ( The lady I mentioned earlier who disrespected me) I’ve never asked her why she’s jobless, unmarried with a child, chills on the streets with a gown until noon and why she looks like she comes from the slums because of unemployment.

Woe unto anyone who’ll ask me about my life..