Sometimes it’s better to stand on the sidelines than to run the race. Sometimes it’s better to watch a person have fun than have fun yourself.


Sometimes it’s better to remove yourself, physically, emotionally and mentally rather than being involved.


Not everyone deserves to know the truth, not everyone wants to know the truth. Sometimes it’s safer than telling that, that person that u love the truth.


Watch you from a distance i will, smile when you not looking, laugh at your jokes when no one else does. I will love you, but not close, i will love u from a distance, a distance enough for me to see you and you not.


I try hard to be there, and comfort you, but hugging spikes will always hurt. When i hug you, you stab me, yet i come back, day by day, removing your spikes.


But you see not where I put those spikes. I hide behind this persona I’ve created to bring a sense of joy to you. A sense of joy that heals you but breaks me apart.


I’ve loved you from the first moment I’ve seen you, but should i tell you, the voice’s in my head, they tell me you love another.


Am i ready for another heartbreak. Am i ready for another rejection. Am i ready to love another. I think not, so i will stand from a distance, and admire your beauty from a distance.