As I was writing this piece of encouragement, tears shed from my eyes, and my heart was heavy and melted with words that I wouldn’t put down. But I tried, I hope this reaches thousands of people going through the most in life.

When pain becomes your life, it becomes hard to believe that it could also go away. Life hasn’t taught me the easy way, only the hard way. Suffering was my life, failure was my identity, and I became a mockery to those around me. Whenever I’d talk, nobody would lend me an ear. I wasn’t noticed nor looked at. I appear very strong yet very weak from the inside. 

Tell you what, everyone doesn’t need to know, and understand you. Fight your battles in secret and let the result tell your story. Not everybody will be pleased with you. Not everybody will notice your pain. Not everybody will. Being put through the test over and over. Don’t be in an environment where your identity is questioned, your love is asked to be proven all the time, and your presence is felt like bad luck. Don’t sell your identity for what appears as your healing.

It is not easy to come out victorious and unique in a world full of competition and challenge. But we can always try. 
Don’t race against a nation that will never understand the depth of the heart.
Have your eyes and heart fixed on what your mind already has.