Lisa is a good girl who loves going to school. At school, she is called a nerd because she spent most of her time reading or solving maths problems. Her friends, Aby and Neo like going to parties while Lisa is busy studying. They are all matriculants and both Aby and Neo don’t their schoolwork seriously. They believed that one day they would marry a wealthy man who will be able to take care of them and live a comfortable life, but Lisa wanted to be a neurosurgeon and a businesswoman.

One day Mr Ratzu announced that they were going to write some tests to see if they were ready to write the finals. Lisa got home and started practising and revising while her friends were in Sandton, partying and enjoying themselves, they even forgot about the tests.

The next day, Lisa went to school and was in good mood, she went to find her friends and Aby and Neo saw her, they ran to her. They asked Lisa for some notes so that they could revise. Lisa told them she left it at home and asked where theirs was. They explained to Lisa that they were invited to a party in Sandton so that’s why they were not able to study. The bell rang and they went to the class. The teacher, Mr Ratzu gave the learners scripts to write.

Three weeks later, Mr Ratzu and the school principal, Miss Gauta, were giving the results to the learners. They first called the names of learners who didn’t do well in the tests, Neo and Aby were part of that group and secondly, they called names of learners who did well in the tests. Lastly, Miss Gauta announced an overachiever student who was Lisa Biyela. Her friends were now angry at Lisa for letting them fail so they decided to end things with her.

Two months later Lisa got accepted at Duke University and after two weeks the results were out, Lisa has passed with nine distinctions and her mother was happy. Her ex-friends failed.

Eight years later Lisa was now a successful neurosurgeon and businesswoman. She has built a house for her mother.

Little advice, if you work hard, you will be able to achieve your goals and live the life you want. Work hard for everything you do and always be determined.

The end.