In South Africa we have a culture of having packed funerals, attended by over a thousand of people who knew close to nothing about the deceased but are just there for the sake of “moral support” because by tradition neighbours, relatives, colleagues and friends have to bury each other.

That’s all good and well under the sun But…

What is the point???

Does a person deserve the community and everyone’s respect only when I’m no more? Why didn’t everybody keep the same energy when I was still alive?

It’s the same people that are passionate about going to someone’s funeral who have never showed up for the deceased and instead enjoyed gossiping about his/her struggles, failures, setbacks and mistakes…

You are telling me that attending funerals in huge numbers is of importance?

What’s important is practicing respect, forgiveness, kindness, compassion, checking up on each other and showing up for one another during trying times while a person is still alive.

Be kind to me while I’m still alive, that’s all.