Dear Mama,

It has been 4 years after your burial,maybe this day was supposed to be your last day on earth. You were robbed of the chance to be with your beautiful daughters. You were robbed of the chance to see your grandchildren. I was robbed of the chance to be with my mother and you didn’t get to meet your first grandchild,somehow my daughter reminds me of you…

Mama ,

You were robbed of the chance to see me finish school like you promised you would be there. Mama,why do people have to be this wicked and evil? Mama,they watched us suffer yet they knew they took you away from us. They used your soul,they tormented you,they took your life when it wasn’t even your time and you never got peace. They turned you against us to use you for their evil deeds. Through it all Mama you tried your best to protect us.


Life without you seems like a dark tunnel with no exit. Mama till this day I am not at peace because I miss you everyday,every hour and every second. Mama I need you,I can’t seem to get anything right in my life. I still can’t believe that people can be this cruel. After everything you’ve been through,it just wasn’t enough to them.


Atleast now you are in a better place. Please continue to be my guardian angel and protect your grandchildren. I love you Mama wholeheartedly and always will. Till we meet again!

Yours Sincerely,

Your Loving Daughter!