Dax is undeniably one of the best rappers to ever come out of our generation. He doesn’t have many decades in the music industry but he has already made a huge impact that you can even think he was born in the booth.

Most people started knowing him when he dropped “Black lives matter” dedicated to the victims of police brutality, those included George Floyd & Sandra Bland. He also dropped Dear God which gave him global recognition!

We all thought his album “pain paints paintings ” wouldn’t make any impact because he dropped it independently. But he proved us wrong because he has been trending ever since he dropped it.

Well, normal people would rest and take some time off after dropping an album but that didn’t become the case with Dax. He went on to drop a 20 minutes long song right after his album dropped. The song is His second application for the “Next rap God “.

But my question is this: isn’t he already the Rap God based on the impact he has made?