I woke up and there she was, beside me, it was obvious that she had spent the night, I really wanted to think of it as a bad dream but it was not a dream, Tanya was on my bed. I rubbed my eyes twice, I thought she would disappear after I opened them but she was still there.

“Tanya” I said, I knew that there was nobody else in the house but still, I wanted her out, guilt was eating me up.

She rolled over, exposing her nakedness and rubbed her eyes.

“Morning already” she said not yet opening her eyes.

“You have to leave”

“But I just woke up and I thought you said your wife was returning in a week while your kids have months to return” she rolled over again, her body was so perfect with all the curves in order.

“I know but you have to leave right now”

“No no no Bishop that’s not how you treat guests” she tried to touch me, I moved a step away.

“What happened was a mistake, Tanya please leave” I said on top of my voice, I started losing my patience.

“Mistake” she stood up and walked to where I was and moved her hand on my chest.

“Tanya stop this” I shouted

“Bishop” she tried touching me again, the way she was swinging her hips like a marine spirit.

“For God’s sake stop calling me bishop, I don’t deserve that name, I have sinned” I sat my bottom on the bed.

“Oh please, everyone sins, stop feeling sorry for yourself”

“Why? Tell me why? Isn’t cheating on my wife a big deal? Isn’t bringing another woman on my matrimonial bed shameful? “

“You know what? I will leave you to drown in your sorrows” she walked to the bathroom, so majestically just like she did the night before.

Tanya had been my secretary for the past two years and to be honest, it was impossible to not notice her perfect curves, her rich dark smooth skin, her wonderful perfume fragrance and her charming smile. She was a true version of feminine perfection. I was not the only man who took notice. All the men in the office did. And I being a man of God had to show a good example, I never flirt with her like the others did. I made sure that all the conversations we had were church related. Being a bishop of a big church like mine was a big honor and I was not going to let this perfect female ruin it for me. I needed to have a strong spiritual life so I avoided being alone with her, or at least I did till last night.

My wife had gone to a women’s conference meeting which happened annually, she was to spend a whole week there. All four of my children were in boarding school. I was home alone and decided to work from home. Tanya had come to drop some files, she looked immaculate. Her dark skin shone with light. She had been working overtime and only managed to get to my house in the evening.

She had given me the files but I suddenly wanted her to stay longer. I had prepared some tea for her. While she drank she accidentally spilled the tea on her blouse (now that I think about it, she might have planned it). The tea was burning her so she took off her blouse. I could not blame her, the tea was very hot, and she had no other choice.

Her breast looked even better than they did when her blouse was on, they stood firm unlike my wife’s which were fallen like flip flops. I hurried to my daughter’s room to get her a shirt, I knew none of my wife’s would look good on this goddess. I helped her put the shirt on while mumbling my apology. I found my hands on her breasts and she did not stop me. I was lost in her beauty and silent moans, I carried her to bed, and she did not say a word.

“Bishop pass me my skirt” she said. She was standing in front of me completely naked, just fresh from the bath. Her voice so sweet, I found desire building up in me like it did the night before.

“I know you like what you see” she said after I gave her the skirt. She was right, but this time I did not want to fall into temptation like I did before so I walked out.

How was I going to explain to God that His beautiful creation made me fall into temptation?

How was I going to explain to my wife? Maybe I should just keep it a secret.

“Bishop I will see you at work, call me if you need a little entertainment” she said and left.

She walked to the gate graciously as I watched her, her cunning and seductive ways like Herodus herself, yet to claim John’s head.