Here I am at the hostel with my friends but every Friday my parents had to collect me and on Sundays to drop me off again at the hostel it was always fun, but the lake was the best every day we would go swimming.

One of the principals told us the hostel and high school were closing down. We were so sad and tempted to cry, but life went on, so I was sent back to Brakpan and my old high school.

This is where my life took a wrong turn. I met this guy Roois and thought he loved me, but it wasn’t true, and that is also how I got in touch with drugs; we broke up so many times and got back together. I couldn’t even count the times I was in grade 10 at the time and would have gone to grade 11 if I hadn’t found out I was pregnant at the time.

You can guess I dropped out of school to raise my kid at 18 years old. Luckily, my family was there for me, but my ex was missing in action because he was back with his ex, Anne Marie.

Well, I raised my son alone when I met a guy, Kobus. He was the one, but let me tell you, he wasn’t after my father died, and two years after that, he dropped me for a Heidi.

Well, I was broken, and my son Kemp called for him, but then the family kicked me out with my son at two years of age.

That’s when my friend and her family stepped in and took us in. Her husband was working with a guy and tempted to tell me we would be perfect for each other, so we started talking on Mxit, and then we met, and he just kept asking me to marry him.

In the end, I said yes, and now we have been married for 14 years with four kids: my oldest son is 18, my daughter is 14, my son is 11, my son is seven, and our baby daughter is four.

Thank you for reading.