How long do we watch television? How long do we play on our phones? How long do we work? How much time is given to having fun? And last and not least. How much time is given to God on a daily basis? We spend more time on ourselves than spending on God then you get people asking why He doesn’t answer they prayers ? Well I got an answer for you maybe if u took the time to pray everyday consistently without distraction and have faith. God said ask and it will be given, knock and the door will be open. Don’t always ask and ask God in your prayers also praise him and lift him up for who he is. People have an habit to always ask God though some people ain’t blessed enough to have what they have but yet they still want more. Take time today and every other day to pray before school or work and watch god turn your life around. Take time to help someone in need and share the goodness of god. Take time today to acknowledge that He’s Hod above all else and remember you are sin free. If you still feel chained to your pass or maybe u feel that u to sinful then read a little something I wrote on Fundza titled, Saving the Unsaved .

Thanks for taking your time to read this and I pray God changes your life in the best way possible