Sometimes the things that we do and say may build a trap to our life’s.The love and respect we give to ourselves obtain the standard of life we are re-building Mo botshelong ba Rona.

I remember there was this guy who came for a visit mo townshiping ya rona as a pastor,he was good looking young man and was known as a good advisor of young women around our community about how to they can get hold themselves around elders.

But what amazed lot of people was the strangest face that he had ,,a face that anyone couldn’t understand and the way he spoke to young women about selfcare it seemed as if he knew how to obtain their strength and weakness.

This guy was interested in girls around the age of 18 to 25 years of age as he was around 29. Even though he helped others but he had courage to date some of them and leave them with pregnancies.

During 29 October he was found raping one of the girls and the death of other six young women under his bed. This become a shock in out community as a whole. People believed that this was devils work as he was known as a kind, loving and someone who respect women.

After the incident people of our community opened a case about his behaviour, only because he has money the case was closed, they couldn’t take it anymore so they burner him alive as he was preparing to skip the country.

In that manner they believed he was going to repeat the same thing he did with other girls, this is the end of the story I hope you will all enjoy.