Some people like to be provocative, be it at home, work, school or in public areas. If one had come across a problem from the above-mentioned places, he/she would tend to take out the anger to innocent people.

The better way to avoid collision conflict is to be calm as much as possible, keep quiet or change your sitting position. You will never win a fight that you don’t know how, when or why it started. Being quiet does not mean you’re a coward, it simply means you are avoiding the argument. Changing your sitting position does not either mean you are afraid of him/her, it means you respect yourself.

Fighting is the last thing for educated people, they hate anything that would drag down their image. Grown-up people do not fight the battle that has no trophy to be won. Be the change that would inspire other people to change too. Never allow anger to control you, take a deep breath and drink water to flush anger. Be the winner respect yourself and other people as well.