I wish our education system could be changed to reduce the growing percentage of unemployed youth which is increasing year by year. It’s hard to encourage someone to go deeper in education while you’re not working because they failed to see the difference between you and them.

The difference is that when you have a qualification and not yet working you’re like a passenger who is sitting at the bus stop waiting for a bus in order to board while the one without qualification is like someone waiting for a bus his or her house. When the post come you will just apply unlike those who will be required to first go to Varsity to study first and the post won’t wait for them.

I am not quite sure whether our educational systems is the same as other countries, if not it should be changed. We can not stand to be always behind in things.

The solution to the piling up of graduates who are unemployed is to monitor all learners at the primary level in order to place them on the right paths at the secondary school level. I recommend theoretical to be reduced at the secondary level, the time schedule for practicals to be scheduled for theory vice versa so that there would be more time for hands-on.

Other strategies to bit this stigma is to promote agricultural and business studies and the funds that are located for companies that are offering in-service training to be shifted to support youth who want to start farming or other types of businesses. The work experience part should be removed from the job post requirement sections unless our leaders are intended to hire people who are already working. We can not have a one-year in-service train and be required to have five years of work experience when the post comes out.

The companies should also be forced to hire a student they had offered her/him in-service training. When a student finds in-service training parents up their hopes that their children would be employed and would assist them there and there.

God bless my wishes.