The Great Flood – Day 7
Dear Diary,

I HEARD VOICES today, and NOT in my head. I’m talking about PEOPLE who are not of my blood. I spoke to Quinton and Vatiswa for so long I ran out of an ENTIRE MONTH’S worth of minutes. Mama let me top up, but warned me she isn’t doing it again.

So I’m trying to be more sensible about it now, but it is HARD. Thankfully, my data plan gives me unlimited access to social media sites, so I did create an account for my rocks. Whew.

Unfortunately, unlimited social media is only for sites that the phone company approves, and the ones where you can use the internet as a phone do not count. So most of my communication is going to have to be via thumb typing. Which, honestly, is normally how I communicate. But that was before Noah returned from the dead and brought the floods.

No longer unconnected,
~ Khuthele


Tell us: Do you enjoy talking to people over a phone? Or do you prefer ‘thumb typing’ types of communication?