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I love your stories so much , you are one of my favourite writers.♥️♥️♥️
Phumza Funo · a month ago
Tiah, you are one amazing storyteller, thank you for giving us such beautiful stories to read and enjoy, you're truly one of my favourite authors, dankie.🙏
Redd88 · 3 months ago
Soo many stories
Kundai · 5 months ago
Hi Tiah I love your stories they are very informative and educational,l admire you using your work as a means to share information with us Thank you for all your work Keep writing
C-girl · 5 months ago
I enjoy writing used to write short stories as a kid and I'd take pride reading them to my peers. As I grew older the talent just vanished the only thing I'm able to write now is my diary
Qokiwe · 2 years ago