The Great Flood – Day 8
Dear Diary,

You will NOT believe it, I’ve got HUNDREDS of likes on my rock families.

WAIT – oh my gosh, I just checked my phone again, one photo has over a THOUSAND likes.

Even Tandose, the most popular girl at school, doesn’t get that kind of attention for her photos.

This is amazing. Absolutely FANTASTIC!

Now, I just need this mudhole to dry up so we can get out of our home. I swear, too much more of this, and I will be samp and beans, and nothing else, right down to my bones.

Fabulously yours,
~ Khuthele

The Great Flood – Day 9
Dear Diary,

ALL the photos are over 2 000 likes a piece, one with over 3 000. This is crazy.

I showed it to my parents and Tata said, “Where did all these people come from?”

I just … do I HAVE to explain the internet to my parents? Seriously?

But, I kind of was wondering the same. I mean … they are rocks. Fantastic rocks, of course. Fabulous rocks, absolutely. I mean, they are the finest rocks anyone has ever seen (aside from diamonds).  But why are people so obsessed with them?

OMG – the one with Vatiswa with her two cats is taking off – it just broke 4 000. It seems there are a lot of cat lovers out there.

I have to be honest, I don’t get cats. But hey, if the internet likes them, I can paint more cats. Their ears ARE really fun to paint.

Off to paint more whiskered friends,
~ Khuthele

The Great Flood – Day 10
Dear Diary,

These cat people, they are SOMETHING. I’ve got people DM’ing pictures of their cats and asking if I can do their cat next.

Not like I’ve got anything better to do than laundry, if you ask my mama.

Ahem. I may not understand cats, but I will tell you, they are infinitely better than laundry. Did I tell you Mama had me IRONING this morning?

This is where having electricity becomes a problem. It leads to POINTLESS chores. Whoever invented ironing must die. People should just make clothes that don’t need ironing.

Seriously, what is the point? I understand clean clothes, that’s for hygiene. But if we were an intelligent society, we’d just make wrinkles fashionable and rock the heck out ‘em. Death to irons, and free women everywhere!!!

The revolution should embrace this.

Feeling radical,
~ Khuthele


Tell us: What is your opinion on ironing? Is it a useless chore? Should we just make wrinkles fashionable?