The Great Flood – Day 5
Dear Diary,


I am SO excited, I don’t even care that for UNFATHOMABLE reasons we still don’t have a signal, so no calling, messages, or scanning social media for PEOPLE.

But it did mean I could charge up my phone. Music is BACK in my life, so I’m no longer dancing to the songs in my head. Huge improvement, I do not lie.

But my hands were itchy to get back to the paints, and I’m not saying that because of the evil-mosquitoes. So I scrolled through the photos on my phone, and there was a really nice one of Quinton and his family. His mama is SO nice to me: she often invites me to stay for dinner even before Quinton has offered. I thought a rock family would make a good gift for her once I have FREEDOM from this island.

And I’m telling you, it turned out pretty good.

Loving life with ELECTRICITY,
~ Khuthele

The Great Flood – Day 6
Dear Diary,

Still offline, but my paints are keeping me going.

I’ve done:

Vatiswa with her two cats – she’ll love it.
Sarah with her dog, and that dog is PERFECTION.
And one of the minister’s family, because Mama begged me to, and gave me a day off from laundry duty and dishes as ‘payment’. I accepted, of course.

When I finally get back on the internet, I’m going to start an online account to show this stuff off. I’m telling you, I might not be Van Gogh, but they’re not bad. And the best part about not being Van Gogh is that I get to keep both my ears (they’re a fine pair, I assure you, and they most certainly belong on my head).

Chore-free for a day,
~ Khuthele


Tell us: Khuthele really enjoys listening to music. What kind of music do you enjoy?