“Moetie my bôs warm maakie” (Moet nie my bors warm maak nie) is a very unusual saying. The literal translation is: don’t make my chest warm. I mean, it sounds so weird in English but makes complete sense in Afrikaans.

People usually say moetie my bôs warm maakie when they are quite upset at someone or as a way to say, “Please stop what you’re doing or saying, because you’re really upsetting me.” And basically if you don’t stop, I warned you that I might react in a certain way.


You can say “moetie my bôs warm maakie” in response to your sibling irritating you and hopefully they will stop.

You can also say “moetie my bôs warm maakie” in a playful manner; however, you may still mean that you’re on your way to getting upset, so the person should stop.

I hope you’re learning a lot more about the Afrikaaps slang terms, and that these proverbs from my “coloured” culture, brings some colour to your everyday language.


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Tell us: Have you used the phrase before? And what are the kinds of situations that typically maak jou bors warm?