Word Of the Week
The city girls are up!
3 weeks ago
A win for one is a win for all. That is especially the feeling when the phrase “City girls are up” is used. Women hype each other up all the time; if you go to their comment sections on social media, it would most likely be filled with other women complimenting each other. Comments like…
Word Of the Week
4 weeks ago
This week’s word of the week is fitna. According to the Dictionary of Loanwords in the Cape Muslim Vernacular, written by Mogamat Alexander, fitna means gossip. Fitna is an Arabic word and is used throughout the Cape Muslim culture.  Example scenarios: You and your neighbour are sitting outside, and you both see someone you know.…
Word Of the Week
a month ago
We all have been in a rush and run into someone by mistake, stepped on people on the train, or made a simple mistake that requires us to apologise. Do you want a new word to use in those situations besides the same old “sorry”? Maaf is that word. According to the Dictionary of Loanwords…