Word Of the Week
Anie brand!
5 days ago
Have you heard of the saying “Anie brand”? Well, anie brand is translated as “On fire.”  According to Cape Flats Dictionary anie brand is, “said of someone who is very good with something.”  However, anie brand can literally mean that something is on fire, but you will naturally know in which context to use it! …
Word Of the Week
2 weeks ago
South Africa is known for its rich diversity in languages and culture. So to celebrate Women's Month, we are featuring the word ‘woman’ in South Africa’s eleven official languages. Mosadi – sePedi, seSotho and seTswana Umfati – siSwatii Musadzi – tshiVenda Wansati – xiTsonga Vrou – Afrikaans Woman – English Umfazi – isiNdebele and isiXhosa…
Word Of the Week
3 weeks ago
A Surah is the equivalent of a ‘chapter’ in the Qur’an. There are 114 Surahs in the Qur’an, each surah has its own meaning and benefit and the reciter of the surah reaps those benefits.  Surah Yaseen is for forgiveness. Surah abasa or Suratul’Abaasa is for success in all endeavours and safe journey. There are…