You know that feeling you get when you really want something to eat, like a strong craving? In Afrikaans there is a slang term for that – lus. But lus can also be used to express your eagerness for something.

According to the Dictionary of South African English, lus is referred to as an, “… adjective – In the phr. to be lus for, to long for (something)… noun Enthusiasm.”

Examples of how lus can be used:

I have lus for some hot chips (Craving) – Your craving for some hot chips is really strong and you really want some soon.

I have lus to go to the beach (Enthusiasm) – You really feel like going to the beach.

I don’t have lus for you (Lack of interest) – This means that you don’t feel like interacting with a person because he or she may be teasing or annoying you.

I hope that you have a lekker lus for life and that you lus to learn more slang terms. I mean, there’s so much more to explore – come along for the ride!


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Tell us: What do you usually have lus for?