I think it’s time we take a trip down memory lane. 

Do you remember the popular trends of our day, and I’m talking about the early 2000’s here. When we relished jelly pumps –  I remember I had a grey one. Where we pranced around in pumpkin skirts – I owned a pink one and I absolutely loved it. Where no skinny jeans existed, and we were all strutting our stuff in bootleg jeans.

Do you perhaps remember the tights that we used to wear with the bit of lace at the bottom or the shirt that we used to tie up to show a little bit of skin? 

Those were the days, right?  

Today’s fashion

Fashion has changed so much and there are so many new and out-there trends.

When I was a teen – which was only a few years ago to be honest – we wore very modest clothing; covering our shoulders, not wearing anything too short. 

Today, however, dressing up is more than ever a form of expression, or a way to show your sexuality.

I feel like I still dress quite modestly. I don’t like people staring. For instance, in summer I usually wear maxi-dresses. I feel that they are very feminine, and they compliment my figure.

I don’t wear clothes that are too tight as they may accentuate my body. Don’t get me wrong, you can wear whatever you like; it’s up to you. Be you. 

Returning trends

Did you also notice the return of certain trends from many years ago? For instance, the wide leg or bootleg pants. It’s always been here but now more younger people are into it. I guess it gives a retro feel. 

Even the popular high-waisted jeans appeared sometime in the 80s and now it’s full-fledged fashion. Almost every girl owns a pair. Not to mention the mom jeans; it was popular in the 90s and now too you can see many people sporting them.

Another returning trend is chunky sneakers. According to a fashion blog by Katy Sommerfield, chunky sneakers were quite popular in the 80s and many fashion brands are once again bringing them back.

A walk down memory lane

To get a different perspective on fashion I asked the rest of the FunDza team to answer two questions:

  1. Tell us about a trendy outfit from your teenage years that you remember wearing. 
  2. What are your thoughts on clothing trends now compared to when you were a teenager?

Asithandile – 1. Vans and skinny jeans were a hit in my teenage years, and I had the whole bag. Vans, skinny jeans, baseball shirt and a snapback. 

  1. Skinny jeans and Vans are still in but I’ve moved on from the Vans, and I’m a Nike head now.

Amanda – 1. I remember a two-piece matching outfit the Christmas I was 14. It wasn’t so much about it being trendy that stands out for me, but about my being able to choose it for myself!

  1. I think today’s youth are becoming more aware of the impact of fast fashion on our planet.

Busi – 1. Remember matching two pieces? Like if the pants or skirt were green then the top would be too. My late uncle brought me a purple two-piece, I remember it so vividly because it wasn’t popular that year but the next everyone was wearing them; in a way he made me a trendsetter? 

  1. As a teenager I just wore whatever, there wasn’t any style or meaning behind it. Now as an adult I dress according to my personal taste, not trends. I always say if you want to understand how I feel on a particular day, then look at what I am wearing. 

Dorothy – 1. I’m a bad person to ask because I didn’t really notice fashion as much as my peers. And somehow I never quite got it right… I would dress formally for something (with my one pair of high heels) and find everyone else in jeans. Or the other way around… I remember buying a beautiful batik dress for R26 which felt a HUGE amount at the time. And I think I would happily wear that dress today, if I had it, as I haven’t changed that much in style… !

And so 2 is difficult for me as well! I wasn’t very fashionable then and I am not very aware of fashion trends now. I actually don’t know what’s in fashion!

Lea-Anne – 1. I was a 90s teen and (horror!) thought oversized flannel shacket, a turtleneck and a baggy rusty-coloured jean constituted an on-trend look.

2.It feels like a cut, copy and paste of what we wore in the 90s! 

Fashion means different things to different people. I encourage you to be who you are and to wear what you want. Express yourself and as Bill Cunningham said, “Fashion is the armor to survive the reality of everyday life.”


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Tell us: What are some of the fashion trends that you can remember? Do you own any of the returning trends?