The pandemic has changed the idea of what a workplace is supposed to look like, people are now working from home. Working on zoom means we don’t have to dress up as we used to when going into the office, you can attend a meeting in sweats as long as they look presentable no one will blink an eye.

As much as we don’t have to dress so formally at work nowadays, you still have to keep the formal dress code when you are in the process of looking for a job. It’s all about first impressions, the way you dress needs to convince your potential employer that you are serious about the job and you respect professional etiquette. During an interview, you only get one chance to sell yourself and the way you present yourself in clothing will give you bonus points.

It’s also very important to understand the company and the type of job you are applying for, some jobs will even tell you what you are expected to wear so make sure to read and reread the job application. But no matter how friendly and casual the company appears to be, rather be safe than sorry and dress up than down.

Interview outfit dos:

Black – you can never go wrong with black and it will always be the most attractive for a business setting.

Neutral colours – You can never go wrong with neutral colours, try not to colour block so much as it can be distracting. Many people love to dress to show off their personalities but for an interview try to be a blank canvas.

Heels/Dress shoe – for ladies the best shoe is always a heel, it does not need to be tall, a block heel is a perfect example. If you absolutely cannot wear heels, try flat black pumps they are the type of shoe that goes with everything or even a loafer. For males its best to wear dress shoes, any type that is formal wear.

White – like black white is a good colour for work, you can wear a white shirt and a black blazer. This type of outfit works for both males and females.

Tidy hairstyle or cut – Maybe the day before the interview, go to the barber or salon to get a fresh cut and hairstyle. If you can’t afford it, ladies just tie your hair in a simple hair bun and try not to have hair on your face. Gentlemen just made sure your hair is freshly washed and combed if you can’t afford a barber.

Comfortability – Whatever outfit you choose to wear; it must be comfortable so you can feel at ease during the interview.

Makeup – Try not to put on too much make-up, mascara here, eye shadow there and a cute lip gloss to finish your look. Interviewers may look at the smallest details, try to have less distracting things as you can.

Interview outfit don’ts:

Revealing clothing – Try not to wear vests, crop tops, jean shorts, ripped jeans and T-shirts. If you choose to wear a vest or t-shirt, then try to put a cute jacket on top. But never ever wear a crop top for an interview

Uncomfortable shoes – If you are wearing heels you can’t walk in, you are only putting yourself under unnecessary stress.

No sneakers – I am a sneaker girl but for a first impression and a professional look try to avoid wearing them. You can carry them with you to wear after the interview if you are wearing heels.

Most companies conduct interviews online, that does not change the dress code for interviews. Dress up like you still going to a physical interview, even if they can’t see the full outfit looking good will boost your confidence.

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Tell us: What is your go-to outfit for an interview?