Style Secrets
Natural hair types
4 months ago
Welcome back to Style Secrets with A & B! Since starting my curly transition journey I’ve learnt that hair actually has a type, which I never really knew before. I’ve always just either thought of my hair as curly, wavy or damaged; I now know otherwise. Here is a simple hair type breakdown: - Type…
Style Secrets
Our must-have winter essentials
5 months ago
Welcome back to Style Secrets with A & B Food for thought: Style is not fashion, style is not a trend, and style is personal to you. I know it’s been a minute since we posted our last blog, but we promise to be consistent from now on. We will be posting after every two…
Style Secrets
Style Secrets on natural hair
6 months ago
So let’s talk about natural hair. Let’s be honest, the entire natural hair process can be very daunting and tiring, but don’t worry, I’m here to help you every step of the way. Please do remember that I’m no expert, nor is Busie, we are simply sharing the knowledge we have gained over time to…