Ayammah was crying. She was happy for her boyfriend but hurt at the same time.

“Baby you don’t have to cry. If I win then you will move with me to Joburg. If I don’t win then I will come back here so you don’t have to worry my love,” Ayammah looked at Sihle as if he just said something stupid.

“Are you listening to yourself Sihle? This show is going to run the whole month, the whole month, Sihle. How do you expect me to cope without you the whole month? Huh? How?”

Sihle just stared at Ayammah, not knowing what to say.

“Answer me when I’m talking to you, Sihle.”

“What do you want me to do baby?”

“I want you to cancel.”

“What! Baby no! I’m doing this for us, for me, you and our baby. This is my chance to give my child the life my dad never gave me, whoever he is,” Sihle said already feeling the tears stinging his eyes.

Ayammah took a deep breath. She knew she was over reacting. It was definitely the hormones that were making her think crazy.

“Yeah, I know my love. It’s just that it’s hard for me, a month is too much.”

“I know baby. Please be strong my love this is for the best trust me honey.”

Sihle held her tight as they stood in the hallway of audition venue.


“Dad, I got through. I got three yes’s just like Sihle,” Melokuhle ran to her father’s arms after her audition.

“That’s good baby,” Dumisani said giving her a weak, cold hug.

“Dad, you don’t seem happy for me. You are never the same. I feel like I don’t know you anymore. I miss my dad. This man in front of me is a stranger. I don’t know him. Please, please get me my dad back. Please!” Melokuhle said and ran off, out of the building.

Dumisani realised how much this was affecting his family. Something was eating him deeply inside and it was killing him softly. He really needed to get it out of his chest.


Tell us what you think: Should Dumisani get his secrete out of his chest? What will Melokuhle do now that Sihle will be in Joburg?